The Perfect Reason You Need a Professional Pest Inspector

This video is the perfect example of why a professional pest inspector is needed when buying a new home or inspecting your current home. This damage was found on a pre purchase pest and building inspection on the Gold Coast for a return client. The damage caused by termites is more often then not found when it is already to late and the damage has been done, rarely ever will termites be found before any damage has taken place.

As you can see in this video the timber architrave looked perfectly fine and even to the eyes of a pest inspector the damage was not visible. It is not until the timber was sounded with the termite donger that the difference in sound can be herd and a closer investigation is under taken to probe the timber to reveal the damage caused by termites. In this case the termites had hollwed the centre of the timber out leaving quite a semi-solid outer surface. Without a professional pest inspection or termite inspection, damage such as this can be missed and you could potentially buy a home that is infested with live termites or contains expensive hidden damage.

These days there are many companies out there trying to compete for your business with a price difference for a service that can vary from the smallest saving to a saving at half the cost of the next guy, but as they say ‘If you pay peanuts, you get monkies’.

Now everyone can do a cheap job, but not everyone can provide a quality and experienced service. For the sake of a investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars you should be more concerned about having the right quality job carried out, which can then save you thousands of dollars in the long run or save you the headache in the first place.

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions have been providing professional pest control and termite control solutions to the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas for 10 years and can assure that your investment into our service, is rewarded with a quality, experienced and friendly pest and termite control expert!

When you choose our service we are dedicated to your job, and will ensure that not only do you recieve a thorough service, we will  also take the time to sit down or walk around with you to explain exactly what has been found or carried out,  and any costs that may be involved in rectifying any pest or carpet cleaning related issues.  Our service does not simply stop when the job is complete, our service is followed through to ensure you have a thorough and clear understanding of the current issues and are well educated on future prevantative measures.

For a trusted, professional and reliable pest service contact us today!

Mosquito Pest Control Gold Coast

mosquito pest control gold coast

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are equipped and experienced in providing mosquito pest control services for large and small properties across the Gold Coast region. The warm wet seasons create a spike in pest activity, and mosquitos are one pest that Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions know from their own experience can make you very ill by spreading disease and parasites.

There are a number of diseases and parasites mosquitos can spread to humans and animals / pets such as dog heart worm, West Nile Virus and one of which Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions owner was unfortunate enough to catch while carrying out animal trapping work in bush land areas is Barmah Forest Virus. We know first hand the effects that mosquitos can have and how important it is to implement effective mosquito pest control to reduce the mosquito population and possible risk of your family & friends suffering from mosquito related illnesses around your property.

Mosquitos have preferred breeding sites and will use things such as dams, stagnate water, swamps, puddles, canals, ponds and other water related areas to breed and harbour. During the day mosquitos will often rest on the under side of vegetation, under decks and verandas, in mulch and on the external walls of buildings and other surfaces around your property. Once dusk arrives the mosquitos are out in full force looking for their next blood meal.

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions have many clients including commercial clients that we service for mosquitos pest control across the Gold Coast. We are equipped with specialised mosquito control equipment that can apply mosquito treatments at high volume to small and large properties.

If your effected by mosquitos don’t let issue wait as the mosquitos numbers will only increase, and in doing so the risk of your family contracting a mosquito related disease will also increase. Book your mosquito pest control with the Gold Coast Pest Control experts today!

Wasp or Bees Building a nest on your home?

How do you tell if the pest infesting your building is Bees or Wasps? Well this article will assist you determine what pest you are dealing with, and the best pest control solution. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are regularly called upon to provide a pest control removal service for bees and wasps on the Gold Coast and often times when we recieve the call, customers are confused and do not know exactly if the pest infesting or attempting to nest on there home are bees or wasps. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are experts in the pest control removal of both of these insects, and most times are able to inform the customer what pest they are dealing with by a few simple questions during the initial phone call.

Both wasp and bees can deliver a painful and sometimes deadly sting. The removal or pest control of either insect must be carried out by an experienced pest control technician in order to reduce the possible risk to people nearby including neighbouring properties and pets.

Till this day there has never been a wasp control or bee removal job that Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions have not been able to solve. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions e work closely with a professional bee keeper and if we happen to come accross an infestation that can be removed by a non-chemical means in order to save the bees, well the bee keeper is called upon to solve the issue safely and humanely.

The information below can help the average home owner to correctly identify weather the current pest infestation is an infestation of Bees or Wasps.

Bee nests: When bees infest a home, more often then not there will not be any type of physicall nest visible, as the bee will normally building their nest in a wall cavity or between floor boards that is not visibly from the outside. The home owner will normally be able to see a large number of bees gathering, exiting and entering around a hole which may be a gap between the buildings brickwork and window frame, a weep hole or a hole in the bricks where a veranda support beam may run into the building. This is quite typical of bees and if you look closely you will often see a few bee members crowding the entrance to the void with a number of bees leaving the void and entering the void. Wasps usually will not build their nest this way, as a wasp nest will normally be a visible and can be seen hanging down from an eave, gutter or plant or sometimes under the bottom of air-conditioning units. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are equipped to reslove your bee infestation by providing either a bee eradication service or alternatively have the professional bee keeper attend and remove and relocate the hive.

Wasp nest: As mentioned above the wasp will normally build their nest where you can clearley see the nest hanging down and the wasps crawling over the nest. Wasps are very aggressive and if you come to close to the nest they will quickly go into attack mode. The wasp is able to deliver a number of painful stings without dying as bees do once they deliver one sting. Therefore if you have aggrevated a wasp nest you can end up with multiple stings which are more often then not delivered to the face area such as lips, nose, ears & eyes. The nest of the wasp is normally white to greyish and will have small little octagonal shaped holes, other times the wasp can build what we call a ‘paper mesh nest’ up high on the building which will be the similair shape and size to a basket ball, with a hole at the bottom where the waps are entering and exiting. These wasps are a different species of wasp and although they are smaller then the average wasp, they are much more aggressive often flying down form a 2-3 storey building trying to attack any open skinned area on us while we treat the nest. Our rule of thumb when it comes to wasps is ‘ The smaller the wasp, the more aggressive it is’. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions have specialised equipment to allow us to effectively and safely treat and remove a wasp nest that may be 23- stories high. Please do not attempt to treat these nest yourself as a paper mesh nest can contain hundreds if not thousands of very aggresive wasps that will chase you in order to defend their colony.

The other wasp nest that we come across is the mud nest regularly found on the external brick work of a building. This is the work of a solitary hornet and due to their size people are often terrified when in fact this is the least aggressive wasp/hornet we encounter. Other names for this pest is “mud dauber” as they will build a mud cacoon shaped nest on the walls which they will put an egg inside of. There is no effective long term pest control solution for this that will keep the mud dauber away from your building, as often it is the area that can harbour this type of pest. The best thing to do is remove the nest while the mud dauber is not there with a scraper, hose or some type of tool or alternatively call Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions to have this effectively removed by our professional. We are Gold Coasts number one bee removal specialists and wasp controller! Book your pest control service now!

The two photos below from top to bottom are Bees (top) & Wasps (bottom)bees-1239460-640x480wasp-nest-1-1164778-640x480

Pigeons Nesting Under Your Solar Panel ?

Are pigeons nesting under your solar panels? Are you in need of pigeon removal from your solar panels? Well Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are the experts in the removal and prevention of pigeons under your solar panels.

Pigeons are a very common pest no matter which city you are in throughout QLD.
Often times pigeons will be attracted to the highest point of a building or strutcure in view. If that structure so happens to provide adequate shelter, pigeons will use that location to then nest and often times Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are called upon to remove the pigeons from under the solar panels on roof tops throughout the Gold Coast and Brisbane Suburbs.

Often times when the experts from Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions inspect a roof top for pigeon activity,  we find evidence of failed attempts to control the pigeons or prevent pigeon activity which is normally attempted by an inexperienced pest controller or home owner.

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions have been providing effective pigeon control and sealing up/pigen proofing of solar panels for pigeon activity for many years and are well experienced in the intsallation of a professional pigeon prevention system to ensure all pigeons are removed from under the solar panels and the solar panels are adequately sealed to prevent re-infestation. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are so confident in the pigeon proofing of the solar panels that we offer a 3 year warranty,  and on-going warranty when an annual inspection is completed at the end of the 3 year period.

If you are hearing pigeons on your roof top don’t rely on a DIY product or an inexperienced pest controller to attempt to solve your issue, as climbing on roof tops can be very dangerous and pigeons are not a quick fix. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are licensed for Working at Heights Safely and well experienced to implement what ever methods are needed to solve your pigeon control issue.

The photos above are professional pigeon control proofing photos implemented by Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions that suit any style roof. Call the experts today!

Pigeon control solar panel sealing 4

Pigeon Solar Panel Proofing 2Solar panel sealing 1

Pigeon control solar panel 3

Termite Inspection finds termites eating Pacific Pines homes Gold Coast

Termites eating timber video Pacific Pines Gold Coast

So although the Gold Coast is a heavily infested termite region Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions still have nemrous customers ask, ‘What do termites look like?’. To many they look just like a white ant, hence the expression ‘white ants’. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions were carrying out an annual termite inspection on a Pacifc Pines home on the Gold Coast and during this pest inspection we found the termite’s had entered inside the building and eaten out the garage wall and were eating the garden timbers in the back yard which is where we caught this great little video to show you exactly what termites look like.

Just becuase you may have a newer home this does not mean you will not have termites. Termites will gain access inside your home through small holes and cracks in your brick and concrete and a lot of times bridging the physical termite protection system to enter the home.

This Gold Coast client was lucky they kept up to date with regualr termite inspections as this termite infestation was discovered before any extensive or structual damage could happen which is the exact reason termite inspections on the Gold Coast are essential for every home, although a Gold Coast termite inspection will not stop termites entering your homw and causing termite damage,being up to date with the termite pest inspection will help detect termite activity before costly damage occurs.

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions provided a profession termite eradication treatment and once all termites were confirmed eradicated, a termite protection system was installed to ensure this home would not be victim again. If you have let your termite insections slip and delay, you may actually be under attack from termites right now.  Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are experts in detecting termite activity and weather you require an annual termite inspection or are in the process of buying a property and are in need of a Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection and Building Inspection, Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions will ensure your home has no nasty suprises with the aid of infra-red thermal imaging camera and moisture meters to assist in termite nest detection and stethoscopes to aid in a non-invasive form of termite activity detection. Contact the experts today to put your stress at ease!

Rat and Mice infest Southport home causing damage in roofs!

Rat droppings in roof Southport Gold Coast

Rat Rodent Damage to in roof at Southport Gold Coast










Normally the colder weather tends to bring lots of rats, mice and possums inside the roof space of homes where they are provided with extra warmth, but Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions have been inundated with high numbers of calls for rats and mice since the warm weather has hit the Gold Coast area.

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions were recently called to a Southport home on the Gold Coast where the occupants were being kept awake throughout the night by excessive sounds through the walls and roof on both levels of the home. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions provided a professional pest inspection and upon inspecting the roof there was clear evidence of excessive rodent droppings in every square inch on the roof space.


Not only had the property been sverly infested by rats, but the rats were even starting to gnaw at the air-conditioning unit. Luckily gold Coast Pets Management Solutions were quick to provide a professional rodent pest control treatment to eradicate the current pest issue.

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are experts when it comes to ivestigating the sounds in your roof caused by pests. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are licenesed possum controllers and have been provideing Gold Coast homes with fast and reliable possum removal, rodent control, and rat and mice pest control services for over 8 years. If you are one of the Gold Coast’s locals being kept awake all night by pest’s in your roof, call the experts in Gold Coast Pest Control and Pest removal!


Termites eat commercial business out including silicon at Tweed

Termites Tweed - Cold Joint

Termites tweed- Close up


Termites are one of the more serious pests that can cause extenisve and expensive damage with unwanted stress. When termites decided to eat out a commercial business located on the Tweed they not only cause the finanical stress of repairs, but they cause the business to shut down and under go extensive repairs.

Temites will infestt any property weather you have a steel framed property, solid brick or concrete or a unit on the 5th floor. The termite infestation found by Gold Coast Pest Management in Tweed was a commercial business with soild concrete walls (Tilt panels) and for any experienced termite controller the area termites will normally gain access on this type of building is the silcone between the joins of the concrete tilt panels. Although the walls are concrete, a business operatimg inside these concrete walls will normally have timber dividing walls, flooring for upstairs room and bathrooms and the termites will eat through the silicon in-between the concrete tilt panels and travel their way up untill they pop out and find a suitabel water or food source.

This client was forced to shut down business and pretty much gut the insides out to just the concrete floors and walls due to the extent of the termite infestation. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions carried out a termite eradication treatment and installed a termte protection system to prevent the termites gaining access inside the building. As you can see by the photos you will see the silicone has been eating out and the soldier termites are standing guard of the termite mud leads exposed by Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions. this was the last feed for these little nasties!

No matter your loctaion or typr of property, you are susceptible to termite attack and it is in your best interest to invest in a Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions termite inspection. You will then be aware of if your property is under threat from termites and what termite control measures must be taken to reduce the likelyhood of your property being attacked.

Red-Back Spiders infesting Upper Coomera properties

Redbak on ceiling upper coomeraThe presence of Red back spiders is defintely something that Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions finds highly established in many estates on the Gold Coast such as Upper Coomera, Pacific Pines & Coomera. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions were called to assist an Upper Coomera client with a Red Back spider issue. Red Back spiders like to have low lying webs and are usually found at the bottom of piers, timber fencing and retaining walls, landscape drainge, roof voids and also outdoor furniture & children’s playgrounds where they can provide a very nasty bite causeing servere illness and irraitation to any victim.



Redback on pier

The need for regulary external pest control sprays can definitely assist in eradicating Red Back spiders form your property and keeping your family safe. Summer time brings the warm weather where every body likes to head outside with the family for some relaxation & activities which can increase the risk of your family coming in contact with many pest’s on the Gold Coast including Red Back spiders.

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions carried out a pest control on this Upper Coomera property located on the Gold Coast and once the external pest control spray was completed numerous spiders came out of hiding and Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions were able to capture a few good photos of the large Red-backs.

Keep your family safe and ensure your pest control is up to date. Our genral pest control treatmemt will cover you for all your genral pest issues such as ants, cockroach & spiders, for an affordable investment your house hold will be pest free and you will be able to enjoy your summer out door activities with no nasty suprises and hospital visits. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions have been servicing the Gold Coast for pest control & termite control for over 8 years and are experts in locating and eradicating pests with safe and affordable pest treatments.

Call & book your next pest control service today!

Rodent Removal On The Gold Coast


The rat & mouse season is here, with the Gold Coast weather becoming cooler and wet weather flooding rodent borrows, the rodents such as rat and mice are entering Gold Coast homes and roofs looking for dry and warm shelter. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions regularily here the same question asked by many customers. Our frequently asked questions regarding Rodent pest control are:

  1. Q: The noise in our roof is so loud! Its to loud to be a tiny mouse or rat  and it must be a possum  – A: Rats & mice although very small can be extermely loud. Rodents such as mice and rats are more destructive then possums and will regularily gnaw and tear at air-conditionung ducts, insulation and wiring and will often use the material they tear to build a nest. Aswell as the destructive behaviour they will run & jump under the insulation in the roof which means you will hear this tampering on the back of your ceiling sheet which can explain the loud and clear sound often thought to be a possum. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions have actually recorded footage of a family of rats working together to roll an apple across the back of a ceiling sheet down a wall cavity. All this activity is extrememly loud and is often the blame for a pesky possum.
  2. Q: How do the get inside or in my roof ?- A: Rats and mice are very agile and can easily scale a brick wall including rendered walls to access your roof. Once they are on your roof there are many areas such as joins and gutters they can enter. A rat or mice only needs a gap as big as their nose to fit through, which is roughly a gap the size of the end of a pen or texter.
  3. Q: What do we do if it is a possum in our roof? – A: Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are licensed  and experienced in possum removal and possum control and will detec if the noise in your roof is that from a possum or a rodent. If evidence of possum activity is found, Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions will provide an effective possum trap & relocation service with a quotation on sealing up an entry points to prevent any future possums from entering your roof.
  4.  Q: Once you carry out a rat or mice pest control service where will they die in my roof and walls? A: There is no telling where the rodent will die. The old story that the rat will go in search of water and die outside is a regular myth told by old school pest controllers to keep the client happy. Once the rat or mice eats the rat bait it can take 3-5 days before the rodent dies depending on what method of control is used. If the rat or mouse dies inside the building and a foul odour can be smelt, Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions can provide a odour removal service where we not only attempt to locate & remove the dead animal but we install a specialised bag that is made especially for carcasses and urine odours which will remove any nasty odours within 24 hours.
  5. Q: Once the rodent pest control treatment is carried out will the rat or mouse go in search of water and chew through my water pipes? – A: The treatment implememted for rat or mice control does not make the rodent chew your pipes. Rodents regularily have to gnaw on objects to stop their teeth from growing to much and will chew on objects in your building no matter if a pest control treatment is implemented or not. The best thing to do is implement an effective pest control program to ensure no more destrution is caused.
  6. Q: How long will it take for the sounds in my roof and walls to stop – A: This depends on how quick the rat or mouse takes to the bait. Usually you will find the sounds will begin to cease around a week after the treatment is applied. Although Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions will recommended to allow 3-4 weeks before contacting us regarding the sounds as rats & mice are neophobic, which means they are affraid of new objects in their surroundigs and may take a few days or week before they decide to go near the rodent boxes or traps. Once they eat the bait it may take a period of 5 -7 days before they die.
  7. Q: Is it safe for my family & pets? – A: Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions have been carrying out pest control for the Gold Coast for almost 10 years now and have never had one issue, over this period we have regularily applied pest control treatments for clients who have severe sensitivity to chemicals and also have had pets that are sensitive to chemicals. Obviously alot of products used are a poison, and a poison is not safe for human or animal consumption, but it is they way the treatmemt is applied that ensures complete safety to your family and pets. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are up to date with the industries leading products and methods to enusre that all pest control treatments applied are applied in the most safest and effective way possible and this is why we have never had one issue in a decade.

Are you hearing sounds and scratching in your roof? How do you know if you have possums, rats or  mice in your roof and walls? Contact Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions today to ensure your rat. mouse or possum issue is resloved and your family and pets are safe from unexperiened or un-licensed pest control operators.

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are the experts in pest & feral animal control 0413943767




Rats and mice are very agile and can easily scale

Pigeon Control In The Ipswich Area

Pigeons  Control ipswichGold Coast Pest Management Solutions are experts in the control and removal of birds such as pigeons. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are licensed and permited for a number of pigeon pest control solutions including pigeon trapping, pigeon baiting and removal of pigeons with the use of firearms to allow for a fas and effective pigeon eradication treatment.

If your building is infested by pigeons you are in need of a professional and experienced pigeon pest controller. If left untreated or left in the hands of an un-experienced bird controller, the pest issue you are experiencing will continue to increase. When pigeons infest a structure they also bring additional pest such as bird mites and bacterias detremental to humans such as Salmonella and Ecoli along with further and numerous bacterias. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions service the Ipswich suburbs for pigeon pest control and have carried out numerous effective pigeon removal programs from Northern NSW to the North side of Brisbane and Western suburbs such as Ipswich. Our clients range from commercial & doemstic buildings, body corporates, shopping centres, horse stables, fuel sites, industrial factories. Marinas to domestic homes.

If you are looking for a final solution for your pigeon issue do not look any further as Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are well recognised for their effectiviness and know how in pigeon control and can provide a complete eradication program to a site clean up to break down and sanitise nasty bacterias that harbour form pigeons.

  • Pigeon trapping
  • Pigeon baiting programs
  • Pigeon shooting
  • Pigeon & bird deterrant systems & proofing