Wild Dog Removal In Cabarita, Kingscliff & Pottsville

With the recent media attention it is now becoming more aware that wild dogs are now becoming more suburban to the point where wild dogs are now running through the Cabarita Beach sand dunes. The infestation of wild dogs is not something new, as wild dogs have been running ramped for some time now in the surrounding himterland areas and are now moving inland. If professional wild dog control management is not implemented this wild dog numbers will continue to increase and more sightings and attacks will occur.

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are wild dog control experts and are equipped to implement professional wild dog management stratigies to your property to eradicate the threat of theses unwanted pest animals. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are licensed and insured shooters and trappers and can effectively implement a professional program to assist in controlling wild dog numbers in your area. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are equipped with night vision cameras that can watch the areas and traps that are set and alert us of any animal caught in the trap throughout the night or day.

Wild dogs are apex predators of the bush and wild prey on any animal they come across including Koalas, Bilby’s, Native birds etc. Wild dogs are not like the domestic dog and do not have that human to dog connection, they are very aggressive often stalking runners and will take the oppurtunity to attack if it arises. If your suffering from wild dogs roaming or attacking on your property call the professional wild dog contractors and feral animal control experts Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions 0413 943 767

Feral Dog Removal For Numinbah, Springbrook & Tamborine

FullSizeRenderFox trapping Merimac Gold Coast

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are licensed & Insured feral animal controllers specialising in wild dog removal, fox removal & feral cat removal and trapping.  Feral animal removal can be a full-time job for property owners and not to mention very difficult  to achieve success. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions service all Hinterland areas such as Numinbah Valley, Tamborine, Clagiraba and Springbrook with professional eradication programs.

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are not your average pest control company or backyard hunter. We hold all relevant licenses & permits and are well equipped and experienced to deliver fast and effective results while providing clients with detailed reports on the feral animal activity located within their property.

Wild dogs and other feral animals are a huge problem in the Hinterland areas, and there have been multiple occasions these feral animals are comin closer to suburban areas domestic properties.  It is the property owners responsible to control pests located on their property, if left untreated feral pest numbers will multiple each year, only resulting in a greater loss of live-stock & poultry with a greater chance of disease transmission to family members, pets & stock.

No matter your location, if you are suffering from wild dogs, foxes, feral cats or any other feral animal issues and would like assistance contact Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions today to discuss your feral animal removal and control options. 0413 943 767

Bird Control & Removal In Brisbane

Gold Coast Pest Management are experts in bird control and bird removal with a variety of bird control options available.

Birds are not only a noisy and messy pest but they can spread a variety of disease’s and also harbour pests themselves such as lice and bird mites. Pest bird removal is not something that should be carried out by an inexperienced person due to many birds are protected and permits are required and also bird droppings and nesting materials can cause respiratory disease/complications.

There are a number of birds that are not protected and are classified as a pest such as pigeons and Indian Myna birds and therefore a pest control treatment/program can be put in place to remove the pest birds.

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions service all of the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Tweed areas for bird removal or bird pest control services weather it’s commercial or domestic pest control that’s required. Gold Coast Pest Management excel where their competitors lack as we are very experienced in the removal and prevention of pest birds and are licensed for firearms allowing a fast & effective bird control solution to be implemented.

If your experiencing a pest issues with birds contact Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions for a complete pest solution.

Bird Mite Treatment In Gold Coast & Brisbane

Bite irritations on the body caused by mites can be unbearable and unless professional treated with a chemical specifically registered for mites the infestation will continue to get worse.

Often customers will have already sort l the assistance of a doctor and medical treatment which does little in solving the issue.

Mites are common in various animals, and more often are spread or encountered when a property is or has been infested with rats or pigeons. The eradication of rats and pigeons or the animal that is infested with mites does not mean the eradication of mites or bird mites. The mites will still be present in the building unless a experienced and professional treatment is carried out. DYI treatments with chemical from the local hardware or supermarket will not solve your mite infestation and can play part in making the matter worse. Bird mite eradication is a specialised service that is highly recommended to be left to a professional that is set up for the control of this pest!

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are experienced and are equipped with specialised equipment for mite pest control and bird mite treatments. Not only are we experts in the pest control treatment for mites we specialise in complete pigeon removal and rat pest control eradication treatments. For a professional and experience bird mite or mite pest control Gold Coast, Tweed or Brisbane contact Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions to eradicate your mite infestation.

Wild Dog Removal For Redbank Plains & Ipswich


Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions Solutions provide pest & feral animal removal to Ispwich, Redbank Plains and surrounding suburbs. Wild dogs are a class 2 pest that will often hunt in packs and can severely decimate a large number of livestock & poultry in a single night. Wild dog numbers have increased over the years becoming a costly pest for farmers and property owners. Often the domestic dog can become lost and become feral leading to an increase in the size of wild dogs being caught throughout Australia.

Wild dogs are known to attack and kill the domestic dog and will kill livestock just for the thrill of killing. When do prey on livestock they will on numerous occasions eat and disembowl the animal will the animal is still conscious. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are licensed and insured wild dog shooters, trappers and controllers and will quickly and effectively implement a professional wild dog control program to your property.

If you have experienced the costly damage to livestock, poultry and your domestic household pets do not wait any longer to take action as these pests will only multiply and continue to become a growing pest and financial loss to your property. Contact Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions to arrange a suitable feral animal control program. We are equipped, licensed & insured,  experienced and cover from the Murrwillumbah NSW to Brisbane & All western suburbs such as Ipswich, Redbank Plains, Brookfield, Kedron etc.


Wild Dog & Fox Removal For Murwillumbah, Tweed Valley, Clothiers Creek

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions specialise in feral animal removal including fox trapping, wild dog trapping & wild dog & fox removal programs. Servicing Murwillumbah, Clothiers Creek and Tweed a Valley areas with a complete insured & licensed feral animal and pest removal service.

If your have livestock being attacked and are in need of a professional feral animal control service contact Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions for a professional & trusted expert service.

  • Wild dog trapping
  • Fox trapping
  • Wild dog & fox removal
  • Feral cat removal & Trapping
  • Licensed & Insured shooters & trappers

Wild Dog Removal Warwick | Southern Downs | Wild Dog Control

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are provide a professional wild dog & feral animal removal service not just to the Gold Coast area but also the Southern Downs & Warwick region where wild dog numbers are out of control and continously causing a financial loss to farmers and communities.

Wild dogs are a predator at the top of the chain that cause significant loss to livestock and native wild life and fauna. Unlike dingoes wild dogs have the ability to breed twice a year depending on the supply of food, water and shelter which normally occurs between April and September. Wild dogs will hunt in packs and not only will they kill to eat, they will also kill for the thrill and are know to will travel a distance of unto 100km in a period of 2 weeks when food source is scarce. This meaning not only are they a pest to a specific property but numerous property owners are victims to wild dog attacks.

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions specialise in feral/wild animal removal providing their animal removal services to areas such as  Gold Coast, Brisbane, Tweed, Scenic Rim, Jimboomba, Warwick & Southern Downs. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are equipped to investigate your wild dog infestation and carefully implement and effective wild dog control solution.  Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions, licensed and insured shooters, trappers and wild dog removal experts.

Pest Control Scenic Rim | Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions provide pest control & feral animal removal to the Scenic Rim area and surrounding suburbs with fast and effective pest control solutions. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are licensed and insured for pest control, termite control, possum removal, pigeon removal, bee & wasp removal, wild dog removal, fox removal, feral cat removal, rat removal and more!

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are equipped with infra red cameras & night vision motion detection cameras to correctly identify pest infestations and nesting sites inside your walls such as rat & mice nests, bee nests and termite nests. Next time your are after a professional pest control service in the Scenic Rim area contact the experts in pest removal and feral animal removal for a one stop shop  and we will ensure you receive an expert pest control or feral animal removal service!


Fox Removal & Wild Dog Removal Scenic Rim | Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions

Wild dog & foxes throughout the Scenic Rim area and Gold Coast Hinterland area not only killing livestock to feed upon but killing simply just for the thrill. Wild dogs will travel excessive kilometers in short periods of time which requires a high food source to sustain the energy and therefore numerous properties are effected by wild dog infestations and on-going wild dog control is required in order to break the breeding cycles and reduce the wild dog numbers.

Foxes are not only a number one pest throughout the hinterland areas, but the fox is moving in to the suburbs and regular sightings of foxes crossing roads and parks are all top common with chickens regularly being taking from the back yards of numerous properties in suburbia.

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions provide professional pest control & feral animal control to the Scenic Rim area and surrounding suburbs and can provide a licensed and insured fox & wild dog removal program and regular fox & wild dog control to combat the loss of livestock on your property. Various methods are used when controlling fox and wild dog populations from trapping, shooting, baiting and den fumigations and these methods are regularly combined with one another to achieve an effective fox control and wild dog control program.

For an expert pest control & feral animal control service contact Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions for your fox or wild dog removal service!

Pest Control Gold Coast | Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions

Pest Control Gold Coast

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions provide professional commercial & domestic pest control servicing all Gold Coast, Brisbane Tweed areas.

If there is a pest issue you are experiencing Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions do it all and are equipped to handle any pest and feral animal control issue your are experiencing.

Unlike some of the bigger companies Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are not trying to provide the quickest service to move along to the next job, our focus is to provide the most professional and appropriate pest control solution to protect your property and asset from pest infestations and we do so with a friendly and expertise service.

Next time your under attack from pests or feral animals and require a reliable and effective service call Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions for the one stop shop as we have you covered!

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions:

  • Pest control
  • Termite control
  • Pest & Building Inspections
  • Possum Removal & Control
  • Turkey Relocation/Removal
  • Pigeon removal & control
  • Wild dog & fox removal
  • Feral cat removal
  • Bee & wasp removal
  • Bird mite treatments
  • After hours/night time pest control service for commercial clients
  • Gold Coast, Brisbane & Tweed