Termite Inspection finds termites eating Pacific Pines homes Gold Coast

Termites eating timber video Pacific Pines Gold Coast

So although the Gold Coast is a heavily infested termite region Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions still have nemrous customers ask, ‘What do termites look like?’. To many they look just like a white ant, hence the expression ‘white ants’. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions were carrying out an annual termite inspection on a Pacifc Pines home on the Gold Coast and during this pest inspection we found the termite’s had entered inside the building and eaten out the garage wall and were eating the garden timbers in the back yard which is where we caught this great little video to show you exactly what termites look like.

Just becuase you may have a newer home this does not mean you will not have termites. Termites will gain access inside your home through small holes and cracks in your brick and concrete and a lot of times bridging the physical termite protection system to enter the home.

This Gold Coast client was lucky they kept up to date with regualr termite inspections as this termite infestation was discovered before any extensive or structual damage could happen which is the exact reason termite inspections on the Gold Coast are essential for every home, although a Gold Coast termite inspection will not stop termites entering your homw and causing termite damage,being up to date with the termite pest inspection will help detect termite activity before costly damage occurs.

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions provided a profession termite eradication treatment and once all termites were confirmed eradicated, a termite protection system was installed to ensure this home would not be victim again. If you have let your termite insections slip and delay, you may actually be under attack from termites right now.  Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are experts in detecting termite activity and weather you require an annual termite inspection or are in the process of buying a property and are in need of a Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection and Building Inspection, Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions will ensure your home has no nasty suprises with the aid of infra-red thermal imaging camera and moisture meters to assist in termite nest detection and stethoscopes to aid in a non-invasive form of termite activity detection. Contact the experts today to put your stress at ease!