Rodent Removal On The Gold Coast


The rat & mouse season is here, with the Gold Coast weather becoming cooler and wet weather flooding rodent borrows, the rodents such as rat and mice are entering Gold Coast homes and roofs looking for dry and warm shelter. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions regularily here the same question asked by many customers. Our frequently asked questions regarding Rodent pest control are:

  1. Q: The noise in our roof is so loud! Its to loud to be a tiny mouse or rat  and it must be a possum  – A: Rats & mice although very small can be extermely loud. Rodents such as mice and rats are more destructive then possums and will regularily gnaw and tear at air-conditionung ducts, insulation and wiring and will often use the material they tear to build a nest. Aswell as the destructive behaviour they will run & jump under the insulation in the roof which means you will hear this tampering on the back of your ceiling sheet which can explain the loud and clear sound often thought to be a possum. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions have actually recorded footage of a family of rats working together to roll an apple across the back of a ceiling sheet down a wall cavity. All this activity is extrememly loud and is often the blame for a pesky possum.
  2. Q: How do the get inside or in my roof ?- A: Rats and mice are very agile and can easily scale a brick wall including rendered walls to access your roof. Once they are on your roof there are many areas such as joins and gutters they can enter. A rat or mice only needs a gap as big as their nose to fit through, which is roughly a gap the size of the end of a pen or texter.
  3. Q: What do we do if it is a possum in our roof? – A: Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are licensed  and experienced in possum removal and possum control and will detec if the noise in your roof is that from a possum or a rodent. If evidence of possum activity is found, Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions will provide an effective possum trap & relocation service with a quotation on sealing up an entry points to prevent any future possums from entering your roof.
  4.  Q: Once you carry out a rat or mice pest control service where will they die in my roof and walls? A: There is no telling where the rodent will die. The old story that the rat will go in search of water and die outside is a regular myth told by old school pest controllers to keep the client happy. Once the rat or mice eats the rat bait it can take 3-5 days before the rodent dies depending on what method of control is used. If the rat or mouse dies inside the building and a foul odour can be smelt, Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions can provide a odour removal service where we not only attempt to locate & remove the dead animal but we install a specialised bag that is made especially for carcasses and urine odours which will remove any nasty odours within 24 hours.
  5. Q: Once the rodent pest control treatment is carried out will the rat or mouse go in search of water and chew through my water pipes? – A: The treatment implememted for rat or mice control does not make the rodent chew your pipes. Rodents regularily have to gnaw on objects to stop their teeth from growing to much and will chew on objects in your building no matter if a pest control treatment is implemented or not. The best thing to do is implement an effective pest control program to ensure no more destrution is caused.
  6. Q: How long will it take for the sounds in my roof and walls to stop – A: This depends on how quick the rat or mouse takes to the bait. Usually you will find the sounds will begin to cease around a week after the treatment is applied. Although Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions will recommended to allow 3-4 weeks before contacting us regarding the sounds as rats & mice are neophobic, which means they are affraid of new objects in their surroundigs and may take a few days or week before they decide to go near the rodent boxes or traps. Once they eat the bait it may take a period of 5 -7 days before they die.
  7. Q: Is it safe for my family & pets? – A: Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions have been carrying out pest control for the Gold Coast for almost 10 years now and have never had one issue, over this period we have regularily applied pest control treatments for clients who have severe sensitivity to chemicals and also have had pets that are sensitive to chemicals. Obviously alot of products used are a poison, and a poison is not safe for human or animal consumption, but it is they way the treatmemt is applied that ensures complete safety to your family and pets. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are up to date with the industries leading products and methods to enusre that all pest control treatments applied are applied in the most safest and effective way possible and this is why we have never had one issue in a decade.

Are you hearing sounds and scratching in your roof? How do you know if you have possums, rats or  mice in your roof and walls? Contact Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions today to ensure your rat. mouse or possum issue is resloved and your family and pets are safe from unexperiened or un-licensed pest control operators.

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Rats and mice are very agile and can easily scale