Pigeons Nesting Under Your Solar Panel ?

Are pigeons nesting under your solar panels? Are you in need of pigeon removal from your solar panels? Well Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are the experts in the removal and prevention of pigeons under your solar panels.

Pigeons are a very common pest no matter which city you are in throughout QLD.
Often times pigeons will be attracted to the highest point of a building or strutcure in view. If that structure so happens to provide adequate shelter, pigeons will use that location to then nest and often times Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are called upon to remove the pigeons from under the solar panels on roof tops throughout the Gold Coast and Brisbane Suburbs.

Often times when the experts from Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions inspect a roof top for pigeon activity,  we find evidence of failed attempts to control the pigeons or prevent pigeon activity which is normally attempted by an inexperienced pest controller or home owner.

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions have been providing effective pigeon control and sealing up/pigen proofing of solar panels for pigeon activity for many years and are well experienced in the intsallation of a professional pigeon prevention system to ensure all pigeons are removed from under the solar panels and the solar panels are adequately sealed to prevent re-infestation. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are so confident in the pigeon proofing of the solar panels that we offer a 3 year warranty,  and on-going warranty when an annual inspection is completed at the end of the 3 year period.

If you are hearing pigeons on your roof top don’t rely on a DIY product or an inexperienced pest controller to attempt to solve your issue, as climbing on roof tops can be very dangerous and pigeons are not a quick fix. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are licensed for Working at Heights Safely and well experienced to implement what ever methods are needed to solve your pigeon control issue.

The photos above are professional pigeon control proofing photos implemented by Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions that suit any style roof. Call the experts today!

Pigeon control solar panel sealing 4

Pigeon Solar Panel Proofing 2Solar panel sealing 1

Pigeon control solar panel 3