The Perfect Reason You Need a Professional Pest Inspector

This video is the perfect example of why a professional pest inspector is needed when buying a new home or inspecting your current home. This damage was found on a pre purchase pest and building inspection on the Gold Coast for a return client. The damage caused by termites is more often then not found when it is already to late and the damage has been done, rarely ever will termites be found before any damage has taken place.

As you can see in this video the timber architrave looked perfectly fine and even to the eyes of a pest inspector the damage was not visible. It is not until the timber was sounded with the termite donger that the difference in sound can be herd and a closer investigation is under taken to probe the timber to reveal the damage caused by termites. In this case the termites had hollwed the centre of the timber out leaving quite a semi-solid outer surface. Without a professional pest inspection or termite inspection, damage such as this can be missed and you could potentially buy a home that is infested with live termites or contains expensive hidden damage.

These days there are many companies out there trying to compete for your business with a price difference for a service that can vary from the smallest saving to a saving at half the cost of the next guy, but as they say ‘If you pay peanuts, you get monkies’.

Now everyone can do a cheap job, but not everyone can provide a quality and experienced service. For the sake of a investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars you should be more concerned about having the right quality job carried out, which can then save you thousands of dollars in the long run or save you the headache in the first place.

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions have been providing professional pest control and termite control solutions to the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas for 10 years and can assure that your investment into our service, is rewarded with a quality, experienced and friendly pest and termite control expert!

When you choose our service we are dedicated to your job, and will ensure that not only do you recieve a thorough service, we will  also take the time to sit down or walk around with you to explain exactly what has been found or carried out,  and any costs that may be involved in rectifying any pest or carpet cleaning related issues.  Our service does not simply stop when the job is complete, our service is followed through to ensure you have a thorough and clear understanding of the current issues and are well educated on future prevantative measures.

For a trusted, professional and reliable pest service contact us today!