Termites eat commercial business out including silicon at Tweed

Termites Tweed - Cold Joint

Termites tweed- Close up


Termites are one of the more serious pests that can cause extenisve and expensive damage with unwanted stress. When termites decided to eat out a commercial business located on the Tweed they not only cause the finanical stress of repairs, but they cause the business to shut down and under go extensive repairs.

Temites will infestt any property weather you have a steel framed property, solid brick or concrete or a unit on the 5th floor. The termite infestation found by Gold Coast Pest Management in Tweed was a commercial business with soild concrete walls (Tilt panels) and for any experienced termite controller the area termites will normally gain access on this type of building is the silcone between the joins of the concrete tilt panels. Although the walls are concrete, a business operatimg inside these concrete walls will normally have timber dividing walls, flooring for upstairs room and bathrooms and the termites will eat through the silicon in-between the concrete tilt panels and travel their way up untill they pop out and find a suitabel water or food source.

This client was forced to shut down business and pretty much gut the insides out to just the concrete floors and walls due to the extent of the termite infestation. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions carried out a termite eradication treatment and installed a termte protection system to prevent the termites gaining access inside the building. As you can see by the photos you will see the silicone has been eating out and the soldier termites are standing guard of the termite mud leads exposed by Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions. this was the last feed for these little nasties!

No matter your loctaion or typr of property, you are susceptible to termite attack and it is in your best interest to invest in a Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions termite inspection. You will then be aware of if your property is under threat from termites and what termite control measures must be taken to reduce the likelyhood of your property being attacked.