Wasp or Bees Building a nest on your home?

How do you tell if the pest infesting your building is Bees or Wasps? Well this article will assist you determine what pest you are dealing with, and the best pest control solution. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are regularly called upon to provide a pest control removal service for bees and wasps on the Gold Coast and often times when we recieve the call, customers are confused and do not know exactly if the pest infesting or attempting to nest on there home are bees or wasps. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are experts in the pest control removal of both of these insects, and most times are able to inform the customer what pest they are dealing with by a few simple questions during the initial phone call.

Both wasp and bees can deliver a painful and sometimes deadly sting. The removal or pest control of either insect must be carried out by an experienced pest control technician in order to reduce the possible risk to people nearby including neighbouring properties and pets.

Till this day there has never been a wasp control or bee removal job that Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions have not been able to solve. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions e work closely with a professional bee keeper and if we happen to come accross an infestation that can be removed by a non-chemical means in order to save the bees, well the bee keeper is called upon to solve the issue safely and humanely.

The information below can help the average home owner to correctly identify weather the current pest infestation is an infestation of Bees or Wasps.

Bee nests: When bees infest a home, more often then not there will not be any type of physicall nest visible, as the bee will normally building their nest in a wall cavity or between floor boards that is not visibly from the outside. The home owner will normally be able to see a large number of bees gathering, exiting and entering around a hole which may be a gap between the buildings brickwork and window frame, a weep hole or a hole in the bricks where a veranda support beam may run into the building. This is quite typical of bees and if you look closely you will often see a few bee members crowding the entrance to the void with a number of bees leaving the void and entering the void. Wasps usually will not build their nest this way, as a wasp nest will normally be a visible and can be seen hanging down from an eave, gutter or plant or sometimes under the bottom of air-conditioning units. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are equipped to reslove your bee infestation by providing either a bee eradication service or alternatively have the professional bee keeper attend and remove and relocate the hive.

Wasp nest: As mentioned above the wasp will normally build their nest where you can clearley see the nest hanging down and the wasps crawling over the nest. Wasps are very aggressive and if you come to close to the nest they will quickly go into attack mode. The wasp is able to deliver a number of painful stings without dying as bees do once they deliver one sting. Therefore if you have aggrevated a wasp nest you can end up with multiple stings which are more often then not delivered to the face area such as lips, nose, ears & eyes. The nest of the wasp is normally white to greyish and will have small little octagonal shaped holes, other times the wasp can build what we call a ‘paper mesh nest’ up high on the building which will be the similair shape and size to a basket ball, with a hole at the bottom where the waps are entering and exiting. These wasps are a different species of wasp and although they are smaller then the average wasp, they are much more aggressive often flying down form a 2-3 storey building trying to attack any open skinned area on us while we treat the nest. Our rule of thumb when it comes to wasps is ‘ The smaller the wasp, the more aggressive it is’. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions have specialised equipment to allow us to effectively and safely treat and remove a wasp nest that may be 23- stories high. Please do not attempt to treat these nest yourself as a paper mesh nest can contain hundreds if not thousands of very aggresive wasps that will chase you in order to defend their colony.

The other wasp nest that we come across is the mud nest regularly found on the external brick work of a building. This is the work of a solitary hornet and due to their size people are often terrified when in fact this is the least aggressive wasp/hornet we encounter. Other names for this pest is “mud dauber” as they will build a mud cacoon shaped nest on the walls which they will put an egg inside of. There is no effective long term pest control solution for this that will keep the mud dauber away from your building, as often it is the area that can harbour this type of pest. The best thing to do is remove the nest while the mud dauber is not there with a scraper, hose or some type of tool or alternatively call Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions to have this effectively removed by our professional. We are Gold Coasts number one bee removal specialists and wasp controller! Book your pest control service now!

The two photos below from top to bottom are Bees (top) & Wasps (bottom)bees-1239460-640x480wasp-nest-1-1164778-640x480