Mosquito Pest Control Gold Coast

mosquito pest control gold coast

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are equipped and experienced in providing mosquito pest control services for large and small properties across the Gold Coast region. The warm wet seasons create a spike in pest activity, and mosquitos are one pest that Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions know from their own experience can make you very ill by spreading disease and parasites.

There are a number of diseases and parasites mosquitos can spread to humans and animals / pets such as dog heart worm, West Nile Virus and one of which Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions owner was unfortunate enough to catch while carrying out animal trapping work in bush land areas is Barmah Forest Virus. We know first hand the effects that mosquitos can have and how important it is to implement effective mosquito pest control to reduce the mosquito population and possible risk of your family & friends suffering from mosquito related illnesses around your property.

Mosquitos have preferred breeding sites and will use things such as dams, stagnate water, swamps, puddles, canals, ponds and other water related areas to breed and harbour. During the day mosquitos will often rest on the under side of vegetation, under decks and verandas, in mulch and on the external walls of buildings and other surfaces around your property. Once dusk arrives the mosquitos are out in full force looking for their next blood meal.

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions have many clients including commercial clients that we service for mosquitos pest control across the Gold Coast. We are equipped with specialised mosquito control equipment that can apply mosquito treatments at high volume to small and large properties.

If your effected by mosquitos don’t let issue wait as the mosquitos numbers will only increase, and in doing so the risk of your family contracting a mosquito related disease will also increase. Book your mosquito pest control with the Gold Coast Pest Control experts today!