Possum Removal & Possum Control Pottsville

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are experts when it comes to identifying if the sounds in your roof are possums, rats or mice. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions provide professional possum removal & possum control to Pottsville and surrounding suburbs.

No matter what pest, Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions have you covered, equipped with night vision motion detection cameras and years of possum removal and pest control experience we can accurately determine the pest in your roof  allowing for a fast and effective pest control solution.

Why choose Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions:

  • Servicing Pottsville, Tweed & Gold Coast
  • Department of Environmental Heritage Protection Permit holders for native animal relocation
  • Licensed & Insured Pest Control, Pest Removal & Feral Animal control
  • Fast , Effective & Friendly service in your area daily
  • 5 year possum control guarantee!
  • Possums, Rats, Termites, Bee & Wasp, Brush Turkey Removal, Pigeon Removal, Feral Cats, Fox & Wild dogs and more! 0413943767

Wasp removal & Wasp Control Gold Coast-Tweed

Gold Coast Pest Management are experts when it comes to fast & effective wasp removal and wasp pest control.

Weather it’s a commercial or domestics pest control service you require Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are equipped with a special wasp control product that will quickly kill the wasp colony allowing for an effective wasp best removal.

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions at equipped to tackle the nest on 2 or 3 story buildings and provide wasp removal and wasp control Gold Coast, Tweed & Logan.

For a quick and effective wasp pest control call Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions. 0413943767

Pigeon | Bird Removal | Pest Control Brisbane | Gold Coast

Pigeons are a number one pest when it comes to Gold Coast & Brisbane suburbs regularly infesting commercial and domestic buildings and shed, nesting under solar panels and in the gutters of buildings creating excessive and costly building repairs and maintenance.

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are experts in pigeon removal and pigeon control servicing Gold Coast & Brisbane suburbs providing a one stop shop when it comes to pigeon control solutions. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions professional pigeon management services include:

  • Pigeon Trapping & Removal
  • Pigeon Baiting
  • Pigeon control-Preventative & Deterrent systems, Pigeon proofing
  • After hours pigeon shooting with low powered air-rifles for discreet & fast removal
  • Licensed & Insured pigeon removal with use of firearms
  • Guaranteed results and warranty
  • Pigeon pest control Gold Coast, Brisbane, Tweed

If you are experiencing pigeon issues remember pigeons are not only messy, they also are a serious health concern causing respiratory lungs disease and salmonella bacteria. Call Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions, there is no job unmanageable! Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions have provided a number or solutions throughout QLD and can guarantee the end to your pigeon issue!

Pigeon Removal | Pigeon Control |Logan-Brisbane-Gold Coast

When pigeons infest a structure, the pigeons are not the only pest present as the pigeon dropping become very toxic for humans and can also cause damage to external surfaces which require a costly make over. With a pigeon infestation also comes the spread of bird mites and once the pigeons have been removed or vacated the mites no longer have a source to feed on and will often crawl downwards entering the building where the next warm blooded host for them to feed upon is the occupants of the building who will experience itchy irritations and swellings on their skin which they may confuse for fleas or midges.

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are well experienced in pigeon removal and pigeon control with huge success in the removal of pigeons from a number of domestic and commercial situations such as horse stables, service/fuel stations, shopping centers, car dealerships, complexes and resorts. With a variety of pigeon control and pigeon removal options to suit every situation.

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are experts in providing a low key/discreet removal program in order to keep your business running smoothly with afterhours programs and also pigeon removal with the use of firearms to provide a quick and effective solution for your business.

For an expert pigeon removal service and to end the pigeon issue, do not fall for a cheap alternative as often all pigeons will not be removed or sometimes can be forced to another area of the building. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions know and understand what it takes to effectively solve the issue at hand and will advise on the most effective program possible to end the issue while providing a preventative treatment for bird mites once complete.

Pigeon Control & Removal methods employed by Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions:

  • Pigeon Trapping
  • Pigeon baiting
  • Pigeon deterrent systems
  • Pigeon Proofing
  • Pigeon shooting

Experts in pigeon removal and control servicing Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast, Tweed and surrounding suburbs! Professional pest & feral animal control with real results! 0413 943 767


Pest Control & Pest Removal Logan-Brisbane-Gold Coast

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are experts in pest & feral animal control servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan and surrounding suburbs,  providing all your pest control needs including rats, mice, termites, possums, Turkey, Bird mites, cockroach control & pest inspections. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are also one of the only pest & feral animal control business providing a professional, licensed and insured pest & feral animal removal service for commercial, domestic, farms & industrial properties. Our feral animal removal services include wild dog & fox removal, feral cat removal, pigeon removal and can be carried out after hours with a discreet and expert pest or feral animal removal program.

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions have provided pest control removal services for a number of domestic & commercial properties and are well aware of the inconvenience and financial loss that can incur when a property is infested with pests, not only do the pests cause a direct effect on you, but often these pests can create a further health & safety risk with the transmission of associated diseases, parasites and biting pests they can spread from the animal. Often depending on the type of pest infestation you have, a further treatment may be required to eradicate those associated parasites, biting pests and bacteria such as fleas, mites and salmonella bacteria.

Unless you consult an expert service such as Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions pest & feral animal control you may be in for more then you expected! Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions provide a one stop shop for pest & feral animal removal servicing Brisbane, Logan or Gold Coast, Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are licensed and insured for the use of pest & feral animal removal with the use of firearms to provide a quick and effective pest extermination,  contact the experts! Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions!

  • Pest Control
  • Termite Management
  • Building & Pest Inspections
  • Bee & Wasp Removal
  • Possum & Turkey Relocation
  • Pigeon Removal & Control
  • Fox & Wild dog removal
  • Feral Cat Removal
  • Licensed & Insured firearms/Shooters
  • After hours services available
  • Gold Coast, Brisbane, Logan, Tweed

Wild dog & Fox Removal Logan

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions specialise in feral animal removal such as fox and wild dog removal & control, providing a professional, licensed and insured animal removal & control service with firearms and trapping programs.

Often the thought of wild or feral animals may give the impression of an under fed and scruffy looking animal, when in fact a number of the wild/feral animals are very well fed and strongly built, with plenty of live stock and wild life on their menu providing a high calorie diet which to fuel the excessive travelling and hunting which aids to build a muscular physique as wild dogs have been captured well over 30kgs.

The impact and damaged caused by feral animals such as foxes, wild dogs and feral cats is detrimental to the Australian wild life, financially draining for frames and continuously increasing throughout Gold Coast, Logan, Beenliegh, Brisbane and surrounding suburbs. Unless regular animal control is implemented feral animal numbers increase and expand and even become more and more bold as a number of reports are recorded where wild dogs and packs of wild dogs have been known to stalk humans and children.

For professional pest and feral animal removal service do not wait until it’s too late, contact Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions to discuss your management options.

Scratching in your roof and walls – Possums? Rats? Mice?

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are experts in providing a professional pest identification of the sounds you are hearing in your roof along with and expert rat, mice or possum removal and pest control solution. Fast and effective possum removal and control, rat and mice extermination servicing all suburbs Gold Coast, Tweed & Brisbane.

Often times the sounds and constant scratching in your roof can be extremely noisy and can often have you fooled as to what can be cause the noise, often due to the how loud it is a noisy possum will be the blame when in fact it can be a family of rats running around. For an inexperienced pest controller the first thought is also a rat, leading to rodent bait being applied to the roof and weeks later a smelly and decaying possum carcass for the home owner to remove. This is why it is important to have a professional pest controller that is also experienced and licensed to remove possums, as years of experience will allow for correct identification of the pest and all the entry points the pest is using especially if the pest is a possum.

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are experts in their field equipped with night vision cameras to accurately identify the pest thus allowing for a correct pest management application to be applied, relieving the client of an incorrect treatment and animal carcass to remove.

Next time you are hassled by sleepless nights and excessive sounds in your roof and walls, call the experts in mice and rat control for a guaranteed service, or a 5 year guarantee on possum removal and possum control.

Wasp & Bee Removal Brisbane, Gold Coast, Tweed

For many the presence of a wasp or bee nest creates a serious threat and concern especially for those who suffer from allergic reactions once bitten. Attempting to remove the nest of bees or wasps yourself majority of times can make matters worse, as wasps and bees will easily become very aggressive and protective if threatened and will attack in numbers willing to die for their colony members. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are experts in bee removal with fast identification of the bee nest inside your walls using infra red thermal cameras, this then allows for a direct eradication treatment to the centre of the nest to eradicate the colony and restore safety to your home once again.

Wasp nest removal and wasp control is a service old Coast Pest Management Solutions can quickly & safely remove with a professional product  rather then attempting to remove the nest your and putting your self in harms way.

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions service Pottsvile To Brisbabe and use a unique product that quickly erdaicates the wasps on the nest and allows us to remove the nest form the structure at the same time. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are the experts and bee & Wasp removal Gold Coast to Brisbane and we understand when you are infested by these aggressive pests that you need a fast and effecetive same day service to safeguard your family. Call today 0413943767

Pest Control Tweed, Byron Bay, Pottsville

Are you in need of an immediate and professional pest control services? Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions provide a reliable and effective pest control solution from Byron Bay and Pottsville to Gold Coast and North Brisbane.

There is no pest we can’t handle! We understand the importance of an emergency pest service, and are in your area ready to eradicate your pest issue. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions provide commercial and domestic pest control and feral animal management with tailored programs availaible to satisy all customers backed with guaranteed satisfaction.

Fox in AustraliaFor our commercial clientelle such as real estates, body corporates, shopping centres and our feral animal management clients, we allow a 24/7 operating time to ensure you do not suffer loss of business or financial loss. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are Gold Coast based with a professional and friendly expert in your area!