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When pigeons infest a structure, the pigeons are not the only pest present as the pigeon dropping become very toxic for humans and can also cause damage to external surfaces which require a costly make over. With a pigeon infestation also comes the spread of bird mites and once the pigeons have been removed or vacated the mites no longer have a source to feed on and will often crawl downwards entering the building where the next warm blooded host for them to feed upon is the occupants of the building who will experience itchy irritations and swellings on their skin which they may confuse for fleas or midges.

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are well experienced in pigeon removal and pigeon control with huge success in the removal of pigeons from a number of domestic and commercial situations such as horse stables, service/fuel stations, shopping centers, car dealerships, complexes and resorts. With a variety of pigeon control and pigeon removal options to suit every situation.

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are experts in providing a low key/discreet removal program in order to keep your business running smoothly with afterhours programs and also pigeon removal with the use of firearms to provide a quick and effective solution for your business.

For an expert pigeon removal service and to end the pigeon issue, do not fall for a cheap alternative as often all pigeons will not be removed or sometimes can be forced to another area of the building. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions know and understand what it takes to effectively solve the issue at hand and will advise on the most effective program possible to end the issue while providing a preventative treatment for bird mites once complete.

Pigeon Control & Removal methods employed by Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions:

  • Pigeon Trapping
  • Pigeon baiting
  • Pigeon deterrent systems
  • Pigeon Proofing
  • Pigeon shooting

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