Pigeon | Bird Removal | Pest Control Brisbane | Gold Coast

Pigeons are a number one pest when it comes to Gold Coast & Brisbane suburbs regularly infesting commercial and domestic buildings and shed, nesting under solar panels and in the gutters of buildings creating excessive and costly building repairs and maintenance.

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are experts in pigeon removal and pigeon control servicing Gold Coast & Brisbane suburbs providing a one stop shop when it comes to pigeon control solutions. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions professional pigeon management services include:

  • Pigeon Trapping & Removal
  • Pigeon Baiting
  • Pigeon control-Preventative & Deterrent systems, Pigeon proofing
  • After hours pigeon shooting with low powered air-rifles for discreet & fast removal
  • Licensed & Insured pigeon removal with use of firearms
  • Guaranteed results and warranty
  • Pigeon pest control Gold Coast, Brisbane, Tweed

If you are experiencing pigeon issues remember pigeons are not only messy, they also are a serious health concern causing respiratory lungs disease and salmonella bacteria. Call Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions, there is no job unmanageable! Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions have provided a number or solutions throughout QLD and can guarantee the end to your pigeon issue!