Scratching in your roof and walls – Possums? Rats? Mice?

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are experts in providing a professional pest identification of the sounds you are hearing in your roof along with and expert rat, mice or possum removal and pest control solution. Fast and effective possum removal and control, rat and mice extermination servicing all suburbs Gold Coast, Tweed & Brisbane.

Often times the sounds and constant scratching in your roof can be extremely noisy and can often have you fooled as to what can be cause the noise, often due to the how loud it is a noisy possum will be the blame when in fact it can be a family of rats running around. For an inexperienced pest controller the first thought is also a rat, leading to rodent bait being applied to the roof and weeks later a smelly and decaying possum carcass for the home owner to remove. This is why it is important to have a professional pest controller that is also experienced and licensed to remove possums, as years of experience will allow for correct identification of the pest and all the entry points the pest is using especially if the pest is a possum.

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are experts in their field equipped with night vision cameras to accurately identify the pest thus allowing for a correct pest management application to be applied, relieving the client of an incorrect treatment and animal carcass to remove.

Next time you are hassled by sleepless nights and excessive sounds in your roof and walls, call the experts in mice and rat control for a guaranteed service, or a 5 year guarantee on possum removal and possum control.