Wild dog & Fox Removal Logan

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions specialise in feral animal removal such as fox and wild dog removal & control, providing a professional, licensed and insured animal removal & control service with firearms and trapping programs.

Often the thought of wild or feral animals may give the impression of an under fed and scruffy looking animal, when in fact a number of the wild/feral animals are very well fed and strongly built, with plenty of live stock and wild life on their menu providing a high calorie diet which to fuel the excessive travelling and hunting which aids to build a muscular physique as wild dogs have been captured well over 30kgs.

The impact and damaged caused by feral animals such as foxes, wild dogs and feral cats is detrimental to the Australian wild life, financially draining for frames and continuously increasing throughout Gold Coast, Logan, Beenliegh, Brisbane and surrounding suburbs. Unless regular animal control is implemented feral animal numbers increase and expand and even become more and more bold as a number of reports are recorded where wild dogs and packs of wild dogs have been known to stalk humans and children.

For professional pest and feral animal removal service do not wait until it’s too late, contact Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions to discuss your management options.