Wild Dog Removal In Cabarita, Kingscliff & Pottsville

With the recent media attention it is now becoming more aware that wild dogs are now becoming more suburban to the point where wild dogs are now running through the Cabarita Beach sand dunes. The infestation of wild dogs is not something new, as wild dogs have been running ramped for some time now in the surrounding himterland areas and are now moving inland. If professional wild dog control management is not implemented this wild dog numbers will continue to increase and more sightings and attacks will occur.

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are wild dog control experts and are equipped to implement professional wild dog management stratigies to your property to eradicate the threat of theses unwanted pest animals. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are licensed and insured shooters and trappers and can effectively implement a professional program to assist in controlling wild dog numbers in your area. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are equipped with night vision cameras that can watch the areas and traps that are set and alert us of any animal caught in the trap throughout the night or day.

Wild dogs are apex predators of the bush and wild prey on any animal they come across including Koalas, Bilby’s, Native birds etc. Wild dogs are not like the domestic dog and do not have that human to dog connection, they are very aggressive often stalking runners and will take the oppurtunity to attack if it arises. If your suffering from wild dogs roaming or attacking on your property call the professional wild dog contractors and feral animal control experts Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions 0413 943 767