Bird Control & Removal In Brisbane

Gold Coast Pest Management are experts in bird control and bird removal with a variety of bird control options available.

Birds are not only a noisy and messy pest but they can spread a variety of disease’s and also harbour pests themselves such as lice and bird mites. Pest bird removal is not something that should be carried out by an inexperienced person due to many birds are protected and permits are required and also bird droppings and nesting materials can cause respiratory disease/complications.

There are a number of birds that are not protected and are classified as a pest such as pigeons and Indian Myna birds and therefore a pest control treatment/program can be put in place to remove the pest birds.

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions service all of the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Tweed areas for bird removal or bird pest control services weather it’s commercial or domestic pest control that’s required. Gold Coast Pest Management excel where their competitors lack as we are very experienced in the removal and prevention of pest birds and are licensed for firearms allowing a fast & effective bird control solution to be implemented.

If your experiencing a pest issues with birds contact Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions for a complete pest solution.