Wild Dog Removal Warwick | Southern Downs | Wild Dog Control

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are provide a professional wild dog & feral animal removal service not just to the Gold Coast area but also the Southern Downs & Warwick region where wild dog numbers are out of control and continously causing a financial loss to farmers and communities.

Wild dogs are a predator at the top of the chain that cause significant loss to livestock and native wild life and fauna. Unlike dingoes wild dogs have the ability to breed twice a year depending on the supply of food, water and shelter which normally occurs between April and September. Wild dogs will hunt in packs and not only will they kill to eat, they will also kill for the thrill and are know to will travel a distance of unto 100km in a period of 2 weeks when food source is scarce. This meaning not only are they a pest to a specific property but numerous property owners are victims to wild dog attacks.

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions specialise in feral/wild animal removal providing their animal removal services to areas such as  Gold Coast, Brisbane, Tweed, Scenic Rim, Jimboomba, Warwick & Southern Downs. Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are equipped to investigate your wild dog infestation and carefully implement and effective wild dog control solution.  Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions, licensed and insured shooters, trappers and wild dog removal experts.